Why All About Me?

Since 2001, All About Me has specialized in custom designs. Whether your company has been established for many years or is a newly formed company, our goal is to capture the heart of your company on paper and produce high quality marketing pieces that you can present with confidence and pride.

What is the design fee and how does it work?

The design fee is a nominal charge to produce a one-of-a-kind design just for you. You may order your design first. After you have approved it, come back to the site and order the printing. For simpler jobs that require less designing, you pay for both at the same time - such as car magnets, business card magnets or banners. We will keep your design on file in our archives for whenever you need to reorder or require a few changes. If you decide to reorder your design anytime in the future, you will not need to pay this fee again. If there are slight changes to your original file, a small fee will be charged.

What if I want to pay the design and print service at the same time?

That’s fine. Many of our clients prefer to get the payment out of the way. Simply go to “Categories” and select “Design – and the product you choose” and then select Print – and select the product”.

How do I decide about coating?

Our business cards can be ordered with a high gloss finish called UV coating. This protects your card and  gives a nice shiny, professional finish. You can not write on UV coating. 
Matte is a dull, non-glossy finish. You can write on this card.
If you want a glossy card but want to write on one side, you may order UV on 1 side and no UV on the other side.

Banners – What are grommets?

Grommets are metal rings placed in the corners of the banners. These are used to hang your banner. Unless specified, we place grommets on each corner and every 2 feet.

Banners – What is a pole pocket?

Some stores are not able to tie the banner on the bottom corners. This is because of how the building is built. An option is to have grommets at the top corners and a pole pocket at the bottom. This is a 2” pocket where you can slide a pole horizontally along the bottom of the banner. This gives the banner weight and helps it to hang instead of flap in the wind.

What if I want design changes?

No problem. We want to produce a product that represents you. When you receive your design, look it over carefully and tell us all changes you require in one email. We will make those changes and email it to you for approval. After you receive those changes, if you still need more changes, repeat the process above. You have three times to make complete changes (within the scope of your original design request).  For example, with your first design, one complete change could be: Please put email at the top right, remove the line under the logo, and add Sr, behind my name. 
One complete change means to put all changes that you see in one email so we’ll correct your file at one time. If the above changes are in 3 separate emails that would be your three changes.
NOTE - If you originally requested a red, flashy card and switch to a soft, blue elegant card, this is not a change. It is a new design. This would require a new design fee.

What if I need design service only? 

A design only (no printing) job is priced based upon the design time spent. We charge $65. per hour. Contact us about your job and we will give you a quote.
With "Design Only" service, we will email the print (full resolution) version of your file to you. We will send a .jpg or .pdf file to you. Please let us know if you prefer a hard copy instead.

What if I want print service only?

No problem. If you have print ready files, just go to print – select product and place your order. Email the files to us and we will print them for you.

What is a print ready file?

We need a file in CMYK at 300 dpi (resolution). We also require a .25” bleed. Please submit as a .jpg or .pdf.

I’m near your location. I’d like to come to give you my pictures and talk with a design consultant. What do I do?

Great. Call or email to set up an appointment with us.

What if I need my job in a hurry?

We do rush jobs for a small additional fee. Please call or email and we will give you a price and if we can meet your deadline. Most print ready files can be printed and ready for pick up next day, if ordered by 1:00 p.m.

I’m interested in a product that isn’t shown here. How do I know if it’s offered?

We more than likely offer it. Please call or email your request to us.

What if I realize that I want to add or remove something after I’ve approved the print job?

Unfortunately, printing is a final business. When we send the file for proof, we ask that you print it out or look at every word, number, etc. Once you have sent your approval, we begin printing. It is too late to change your order.


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